A Slice Of Reality / by greenpenlondon

A Slice of Reality by Richard Wilson, located on the northwest tip of the Greenwich Peninsula

A Slice of Reality is a work of modern art by Richard Wilson sitting by (and commissioned for) the Millennium Dome on the north-western bank of the Greenwich Peninsula. Created between 1998-1999, it intended as a celebration of the merchant shipping which has plied the Thames for centuries, ‘Slice’ sits on the Prime Meridian just offshore.

The structure consists of a sliced vertical section through the former sand dredger Arco Trent. The original ship was reduced in length by 85%, leaving a vertical portion housing the ships habitable sections: bridge, poop, accommodation and engine room. Open to the effects of weather and tide, this has become an atmospheric work of art that inspires contemplation of the area’s history as a hub of maritime trade.

The original ship, the former sand dredger Arco Trent