Electricity Substation Facility / by greenpenlondon

Electricity Substation (UKNP/Nord Architecture)

London Power Networks PLC, part of UKPN, is to build a red-brick Electricity Substation facility on Old School Close on the Greenwich Peninsula, south of the historic gasworks site. The brownfield site is located adjacent to Millennium Way and is accessed through Old School Close. The image above shows the proposed view from Millennium Way looking north west, with the proposed Substation in front of the existing gasometer and communications mast. The building to the east of the Substation, the old school house, is now home to a museum archive.

Site of proposed Substation off Millennium Way (UKPN/ASAP)

Ground works begin around site of substation, east of the Energy Centre construction site - November 2015 [greenpenlondon]

Hoardings around site of Substation - March 2016 [greenpenlondon]

Groundworks begin on site, June 2016 [greenpenlondon]

The Electricity Substation is required to provide an electricity supply to the existing and future growth of the residential and commercial population on Greenwich Peninsula. Construction by UK Power Networks, the company that manages the London electricity distribution system, is due to commence in May 2015 and is anticipated to last through until August 2016. The proposed development will comprise of up to three transformers and a large switch room, with an underlying cable basement, set within one building.

The location is highly visible from Millennium Way and a robust contemporary design has been considered as most appropriate to compliment the new developments in the Greenwich Peninsula. Weinerberger bricks have been chosen for their good quality and affordable price. Their ‘Hectic Red’ colour is proposed for the external skin of the building as it provides a varied colour palette of reds and blue blacks to create surface interest over the expanse of brickwork. The structure will measure 17m high by 23m wide and 49m long.

Part of the site is currently in use as a refuse collection site and temporary containers and a small structure are situated to the north-east of the development area, at its entrance from Millennium Way. Prior to UKPN’s occupation of the site for construction, Knight Dragon Developments Limited will carry out enabling works earthworks.

Low Carbon Energy Centre

Energy Centre (C.F. Møller/Conrad Shawcross)

The Substation will lie within the same plot (MO401) as the proposed Low Carbon Energy Centre, which is to include office space, a visitor centre and an architectural 49m high flue stack. The Energy Centre will lie on western corner of the plot and will provide hot water and space heating via a District Heat Network that will connect to each of the plots developed as part of the Greenwich Peninsula Masterplan.

The proposed Substation has a different function to the Energy Centre: the Substation provides electricity while the Energy Centre provides district heating to all of the buildings within the Greenwich Peninsula. The site also lies directly south of a Thames Water Plant which, according to the planning statement, is Europe's largest combined sewerage and water pumping station.


Planning Application 14/3601/F was submitted by London Power Networks PLC in December 2014, with a planning statement prepared by Adrian Salt and Pang Limited (ASAP), and was approved by Royal Borough of Greenwich on 19th March 2015. Mott MacDonald Consulting Civil, Structural and Building Services Engineers (MottMac) are responsible for the technical design and layout of the proposed substation, while Nord Architecture are responsible for its external appearance. Search for planning applications here.

Ground Floor arrangement of Substation (UKPN/Mott MacDonald)