In Pictures: State of the Peninsula (Spring 2016) / by greenpenlondon

COVER PICTURE: Aerial shot, flying west over the Greenwich Peninsula - March 2016 [ @RayanDkhilFLY ]

COVER PICTURE: Aerial shot, flying west over the Greenwich Peninsula - March 2016 [@RayanDkhilFLY]

Peninsula Central (North)

O2 arena, Intercontinental Hotel, Arora Ballroom and Arora residential Tower, N1Golf Driving Range.

‏The O2 arena and surrounding development sites - March 2016 [@NPASLondon]

The new hotel, Intercontinental Hotel London - The O2, located west of The O2 arena, had a 'soft opening' in December 2015 - photo Sept 2015 [GirlAboutThames]

Landscaping continues around the 'Intercontinental Hotel, London - The O2' and Arora Ballroom - photo March 2016 [@greenpenlondon]

Construction work continues on the Arora Tower, the residential tower associated with the Intercontinental hotel, expected to open this Spring - photo March 2016 [@greenpenlondon]

A Bullet from a Shooting Star, by sculptor Alex Chinneck, was installed on the future Peninsula Quays/Meridian Quays development site in Sept 2015 - photo March 2016 [@greenpenlondon]

N1Golf's flagship venue, the Greenwich Peninsula Golf Range, opened in July 2015 with spectacular views over The O2 and Canary Wharf - photo March 2016 [@greenpenlondon]

Proposals: Designer Outlet Collection at The O2, AEG residential Tower.

Designer Outlet Collection mall at The O2 moves a step closer as Royal Borough of Greenwich approve a temporary marketing suite to attract retailers - released Dec 2015 [AEG/Leonard Design Architects]

Early design proposals for Designer Outlet Collection, occupying the presently empty floorspace within the Entertainment District of The O2 - released October 2014 [AEG/RTKL Architects]

Early proposals for an office development (approved 2010) on a small plot directly south of The O2, since replaced with an updated residential proposal (below) - released 2010 [AEG/Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands]

O2 owner AEG has submitted revised preliminary proposals the same plot, immediately south of The O2, for a two residential towers, 10- and 34-stories tall, facing onto Peninsula Square [AEG/Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands]

Upper Riverside

Construction work commences on Knight Dragon's Upper Riverside development, on the northeast riverside of the Peninsula. Work on all five buildings is scheduled to complete around May 2020 [Greenwich Peninsula]

Buildings No. 1 and 2, located to the north of the site and closest to The O2, will be first to complete around March 2018, and will provide 464 new homes [Architectural model of Building No. 2 by 3DD]

Ground works began on the Upper Riverside site in March 2015 [@greenpenlondon]

Ground works progress at the Upper Riverside site with the basement construction on Buildings No.1 and 2, as viewed from the Emirates cable car - March 2016 [Source?]

Installation of Morag Myserscough's colourblock cranes at Upper Riverside in Feb 2016 [@greenpenlondon]

Lower Riverside & PARKSIDE


View north across Greenwich Peninsula's Central Park towards The O2 [@greenpenlondon]

Lower Riverside and Parkside developments (affordable homes providers in italics, where known) - modified from DSDHA. Please comment if you know missing building names or affordable home providers!

Lower Riverside/Parkside developments: The Waterman, Fulmar and Cable & Roper sites (view south from Emirates Air Line station) - October 2015 [@greenpenlondon]

Construction progress on the Lower Riverside developments - December 2015 [BridgeGapConstruction on Flickr]

Latest construction progress on the Lower Riverside, as seen from Emirates Air Line cable car. Ground works are now underway on plot M0121, the future residential block north of The Waterman - April 2016 [@greenpenlondon]

The Waterman construction progress - up to October 2015 [@greenpenlondon]

Most recent construction progress on The Waterman tower - April 2016 [@greenpenlondon]

Work progresses on the lowrise river-facing Waterman Gardens block - March 2016 [@greenpenlondon]

CGI of the completed Lower Riverside developments showing The Lighterman and Waterman towers and The Jetty - released Sept 2015 [CJCT Architects]

Below: CGI and construction update on The Lighterman tower, located south of The Waterman plot - March 2016 [CJCT]

View along River Way towards The Pilot Inn and Knight Dragon's Cable & Roper development, taken as it completion in Nov 2015 [@greenpenlondon]

Completed Cable and Roper development - March 2016 [@greenpenlondon]

Knight Dragon's completed Parkside development, The Moore - March 2016 [@greenpenlondon]

Below: CGI and construction progress (as of March 2016) on Knight Dragon's The Fulmar development, due to complete in Autumn of 2016 [DSDHA]

CGI of The Aperture community centre, located immediately north of The Fumar [DSDHA]

Below: Ground works commence on the Aperture plot - photo (right) March 2016 [Hulkling]

Developer Knight Dragon has submitted revised proposals for the internal layout of The Aperture, which are yet to be approved - October 2015 [DSDHA]

Developer Knight Dragon has submitted revised proposals for the internal layout of The Aperture, which are yet to be approved - October 2015 [DSDHA]

Work has not yet begun to construct a permanent building on The Jetty, which forms part of the same planning application as plots M0104 The Waterman and M0121 (as yet unnamed) - [CJCT Architects]

Bellway's Platinum Riverside development, photo taken as it neared completion in Nov 2015 [@greenpenlondon]

Bellway Platinum Riverside development - Nov 2015 [@greenpenlondon]


Most recent site plan of the Greenwich Millennium Village shows the latest construction phase 3, 4 & 5 - the Meridian Squares buildings [Countryside Properties/Taylor Wimpey]

Construction progress on the eastern-most blocks of the GMV development, namely the Swiftstone Tower, Barquentine Heights and Landmark Point buildings - November 2015 [@greenpenlondon]

The Swiftstone Tower (Block 104) of GMV - Nov 2015 [@greenpenlondon]

Completed blocks of GMV phase [@greenpenlondon]

Construction progress of Meridian Squares buildings along Peartree Way on the GMV scheme [@greenpenlondon]

Peninsula west

ST MARY MAGDALENE Coe school; Low Carbon Energy Centre, electricity substation, Ibis Styles Hotel, Morden Wharf, Enderby Wharf, Precision (Telegraph Works), STUDIO 338 PLANS FOR EXTENSION

Peninsula West - local context, see interactive map here [@greenpenlondon]

The planned Greenwich Peninsula campus of St Mary Magdalene Church of England School is to complete by August 2017, and by 2020 a secondary phase will provide all-through education by 2020.

View from roof of Ibis Styles hotel north over the A102 road and the Energy Centre construction site - Nov 2015 [@One Investments]

Plans for the Greenwich Peninsula Low Carbon Energy Centre, which is to be operated by Pinnacle Power and will providing energy for the district heating network run by Loka Energy [CF Moller]

Frame of architectural flue stack complete, created by Conrad Shawcross at Greenwich Peninsula Low Carbon Energy Centre - April 2016 [@greenpenlondon]

The Energy Centre - currently under construction by Kier Group off Millennium Way - is due to complete by end 2016 - photo March 2016 [@greenpenlondon]

CGI of completed flue stack towering over the A102 road, coined the 'optic cloak', which is due to be finished by end April 2016 [CF Moller]

Proposed Electricity Substation, located just east of the Energy Centre, that London Power Networks PLC, part of UKPN, are to build on Old School Close - released December 2014 [UKNP/Nord Architecture]

Site of electricity substation, south of the familiar gasworks site, which is expected to be complete by August 2016 - photo September 2015 [@greenpenlondon]

CGI of 'ibis Styles Hotel Greenwich Peninsula' on Tunnel Avenue - released Nov 2015 [One Investments]

Construction progress on ibis Styles Hotel - March 2016 [@greenpenlondon]

Aerial photo of the Greenwich Peninsula - Dec 2015 [Kevin Allen @LondonAirViews see]

Popular electronic music venue @studio338, located on Tunnel Avenue, announce plans for 'beach club' and extension (below) [@greenpenlondon]

The undeveloped Morden Wharf site (outlined red above) was acquired by developer U+I, formerly Cathedral, in March 2012. Recently revealed that Koolhaas architects are working on a masterplan for the site [U+I Group Plc]

Advertisement hoardings raised at the Morden Wharf site, seen here in front of the "Giant Matchsticks" structures which have been retained a piece of public art - March 2016 [@greenpenlondon]

Existing industrial building on the Morden Wharf site facing onto the Thames - Sept 2015 [@greenpenlondon]

View of the Alcatel-Lucent factory on Telegraph Avenue (partly demolished and to be redeveloped), which leads down towards the new Enderby Wharf development - March 2016 [@greenpenlondon]

Ground works begin on the Precision (Telegraph Works) development site by developer Weston Homes - March 2016 [@greenpenlondon]

The Telegraph Works site (highlighted red), located south of Morden Wharf, now partly demolished to make way for Weston Homes' Precision development [Weston Homes]

Weston Homes' proposals for the Precision, located to the south of the former Alcatel-Lucent factory site and adjacent to Barratt Homes' Enderby Wharf scheme [Weston Homes]

Barrat Homes' latest site plan of Enderby Wharf, reflecting changes to the Enderby Place area to the north of the site.

Construction progress on the Rayleigh building of Enderby Wharf - March 2016 [@greenpenlondon]

Enderby Wharf marketing suite fronting onto Thames Path - March 2016 [@greenpenlondon]

Construction progress on Enderby Wharf's Columbus building as it nears completion - March 2016 [ @greenpenlondon ]

Construction progress on Enderby Wharf's Columbus building as it nears completion - March 2016 [@greenpenlondon]

Construction progress on the Drake building of Enderby Wharf - March 2016 [@greenpenlondon]

AND FINALLY... the highly contested revisions to the Enderby Place scheme (approved Aug 2015) by Barratt Developments and Westcourt Real Estate, which is to include a significantly enlarged cruise liner terminal and three new towers rising to 29 stories [HLM/Manser Practice]