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CGI: The Fulmar and Reminder Gardens, Greenwich Peninsula [DSDHA/Miller Hare]

The Fulmar is currently under construction on the Lower Riverside district of the Greenwich Peninsula and is due to complete in Autumn 2016. The Knight Dragon development is residential led mixed-use, comprising 139 homes in a mix of private, intermediate and social rent tenures across three buildings that are linked by a podium containing a small retail/commercial unit, car park and bicycle storage.

Location of The Fulmar, plot M0116, on the southeast of the Greenwich Peninsula [DSDHA]

The area, formerly referred to as Bugsby’s Reach South on the Greenwich Peninsula 2004 Masterplan, is located towards the southeast of the Peninsula and is positioned midway between the river and Central Park. The site (plot M0116) is located between Chandlers Avenue and Barge Walk. Completed developments that lie adjacent to The Fulmar and associated affordable homes include Knight Dragon's Norton building to the south, Bellway's City Peninsula to the east and Knight Dragon's Moore building to the west. The Aperture, a community hub, is to be constructed directly north of The Fulmar.

The 10 storey Fulmar (Building A) under construction, southwest of the 31 storey Waterman (view NE) - October 2015 []

Chandlers Avenue, located to the east of The Fulmar (right), is partially opened up as neighbouring developments (M0114 and M0115) near completion - October 2015 []

The Fulmar is seen here in the centre of the Lower Riverside developments, between The Waterman tower and Cable & Roper sites - October 2015 []

Construction progress of The Fulmar (view south, over future site of Aperture) - March 2016 []

Construction progress of The Fulmar - May 2016 []

Upper floors and roof terrace of The Fulmar (private tenure), as seen from the 32nd storey penthouse of the neighbouring Waterman construction site, June 2016 []

The Fulmar, July 2016 []

The Fulmar nears completion, south of The Aperture building - July 2016 []

Mirrored ceiling installed on external entrance to Fulmar building - August 2016 []

Lower Riverside

The Fulmar forms part of Peninsula Riverside Phase II, on which three architectural practices worked on collaboratively. Architects DSDHA are working on two adjacent plots within the Greenwich Peninsula Riverside: The Fulmar (M0116) and The Aperture (M0119). Other practices involved are CJCT (plot M0103 - The Lighterman) and Pilbrow and Partners (plots M0104 - The Waterman, and M0121 - as yet unnamed). Turkington Martin, who designed Peninsula Square, were appointed to prepare landscape and public realm proposals across the residential schemes.

Lower Riverside and Parkside developments (affordable homes providers in italics, where known) [modified from DSDHA]

Construction progress of Lower Riverside and Parkside developments, June 2016 [greenpenlondon]

The Fulmar - tenure distribution [DSDHA]

The Fulmar - tenure distribution [DSDHA]

Tenure Distribution

M0116 comprises of 139 homes that are a mixture of private, shared ownership (intermediate) and social rented homes. There are three blocks: block A being the tallest at 44m (10 stories plus roof pavillion), located at the north of the site, and blocks B & C which are 9 (36m) and 5 storeys (23m) respectively and are located to the east and south of the site. 79 units (57%) comprise affordable housing and 60 units (43%) are private units. L&Q, who provide affordable homes in a number of neighbouring developments, are to manage affordable homes allocation in M0116.

Tenure distribution, Lower Riverside [DHDHA]

The Fulmar (block A) contains all 60 private units over 10 storeys (plus roof podium), reaching 44 metres in height, and fronts onto Reminder Lane. Block B contains 60 social rented units over 9 storeys (38 metres tall) and block C contains 19 intermediate units over 5 storeys (23 metres tall). Block B is accessed from Barge Walk to the south-east of the site. The ground level apartments in this block can be accessed directly from the street. Block C is accessed from Bessemer Place to the south-west.


DSDHA's proposals for M0116 comprise of three coherent yet distinctive residential buildings. Their massing respond differently to the character of their respective street addresses, and optimise internal layout to achieve efficiency on such a constrained site. Facade articulations vary subtly from one building to another. They share a common palette of materials, further enhancing their relationships to each other. The primary outer frame of The Fulmar building will be white/light-coloured brickwork with light-coloured render infill. Light bronze-coloured metalwork is proposed for door and window frames and balustrades of inset balconies.

CGI: Upper floors of The Fulmar, Building A [DSDHA/Miller Hare]

Communal Areas

Residents of all three buildings have access to a shared courtyard and garden at podium level, accessed from the first floor level of each building.

CGI: Shared communal garden at podium level [DSDHA/Miller Hare]

Residents of The Fulmar (block A, private tenure) will enter the building into a residents' foyer and entrance, fronting Reminder Lane, comprising 128 square metres of non-residential floor space. This space was originally proposed as an additional ground floor commercial unit fronting onto Reminder Gardens. Residents also have access to a communal lounge and roof terrace on the tenth floor.

CGI: The ground floor lobby of The Fulmar [Jestico + Whiles]

CGI: Communal roof terrace, The Fulmar [Jestico + Whiles]

The Fulmar - ARCHITECTURAL Model

Photos of The Fulmar model at Greenwich Peninsula marketing suite [Photos: GPD]


Interiors of The Fulmar's 60 private apartments is by Jestico + Whiles, who were also responsible for the architectural design of the Knight Dragon's Cable & Roper (M0114), L&Q's Greenwich Peninsula (M0117) and the final phases of Greenwich Millennium Village.

With full-height windows, apartments are designed to open up generous views. An open-plan layout maximises living flexibility, with oak flooring deliberately kept consistent to emphasise the flow of space. The inset terrace is a private, inviting extension of the living space.

Evolution of plans

Planning application 13/2823/F was submitted by Meridian Delta Ltd in November 2013 and revised proposals submitted in January 2014. The application was approved in March 2014, following the acquisition of development rights of the Peninsula by Knight Dragon Developments Ltd.

Original designs for the plot were revised by architects DSDHA in order to increase the size of plot, given that the neighbouring Aperture community building did not require its full plot size. As outlined in the figures below, block A now extends 20 metres beyond the original consented boundary, and the Reminder Gardens moved onto The Aperture plot. The overall footprint of the building has been extended northwards outside the approved plot boundary, as set out in the 2004 Masterplan. While The Fulmar now partially steps forward above ground level over Reminder Lane, at street level it is designed to provide a direct pedestrian path and uninterrupted view along Reminder Lane between the river and park.

Changes to the massing of The Fulmar development, previously consented massing in red [DSDHA]

Changes to plans for development on plot M0116 [DSDHA]

The revised maximum height of the building is 44m AOD (10 storeys plus roof pavilion) to the north of the site, falling to 36m (9 storeys) in the south-east and 23m (5 storeys) in the south.

Earlier plans for plot M0116 (view to south with City Peninsula shown on the left)

Earlier plans

An earlier planning application (08/0656/R) for plot M0116 was submitted in March 2008 and approved in May 2008. The original design for the building on plot M0116 was by architects C.F. Moller on behalf of developers Meridian Delta Ltd, but planning permission was not implemented and designs not realised due to the economic downturn.

The higher density development (153 units), for which massing was dicatated by the 2004 Masterplan, was intended to be one of the first apartment blocks built on the decontaminated industrial land south of the Millennium Dome. The brief called for an exemplary sustainability rating and a high percentage of low-income, affordable, housing units. 

Earlier plans for plot M0116, view from northwest [Hatton Associates]

VIDEO: Original design proposals for plot M01116, dated July 2011) [Hatton Associates]

Landscaping around residential developments of Lower Rivierside [Turkington Martin]

Open space

The landscaping around plot M0116 is part of the scheme prepared by Turkington Martin, who were appointed to prepare the public realm proposals across a number of neighbouring residential developments. Reminder Gardens, located directly north of The Fulmar, are conceived as a local amenity space, forming part of the pedestrian route between the park to the river. 

The Aperture

The 5-storey Aperture building is to be developed on a small triangular plot (M0119) directly north of The Fulmar. It is designed to be a shared space for residents with a café, deli, crèche, prayer space and two-storey gym.

The Fulmar fronts onto Reminder Gardens and The Aperture building, view from Chandler's Avenue [DSDHA]

Construction progress of Aperture community hub, directly north of Fulmar - August 2016 []

The Fulmar is shown directly behind (south) of The Aperture building, as seen from the point where Chandlers Avenue and Barge Walk converge. The white building on right, The Wheeler, contains Moat Homes' affordable homes associated with Cable & Roper (M0114) [DSDHA]

The Fulmar and Aperture buildings, separated by Reminder Gardens, as seen from Barge Walk [DSDHA]